About Us

The second most populous & the seventh largest nation in the world, India is a land of diverse nature, culture, and people thus labeled as “Incredible”. The land is notable for its ancestral heritage, astonishing architecture and chronicle history and of course its people. The people of the nation are gregariously friendly, inviting and will entice you to come here repeatedly.

Elections in India are unique from the world. Here is the thrill, energy & enthusiasm amongst the parties and the masses.

Elections as a niche tourism product have its origin in India. The novel concept first experimented in the Gujarat assembly Election in 2012. Manish Sharma (Chairman of Tourism Corporation Society and Founder & CMD of Akshar Travels Pvt. Ltd.) while speaking to the media confirms that this concept was inspired by the Poll Tourism concept prevalent in Mexico during 2005. He proposed this idea at the World Travel Market in London that was attended by all over 100 tour operators and agents. The idea received many appreciations from them. The concept has a fair number of takers and this bolstered the resolve of its designers to take it to the next level.

After successfully introducing the unique concept of Election Tourism in Gujarat, India during Assembly Polls in 2012, and was positively reciprocated in the year 2014, we wish to move forward towards the General Elections in 2019, the most anticipated event where the 17th Parliament will be elected.

In the year 2014, about 5200 tourists have participated in Indian election tourism from countries like China, Nepal, US, UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Australia, Ukraine, Japan, Germany, France, and many others from across the globe. They were students, journalists, researchers, Women’s wings, heritage & history lovers, and, cultural exchanges.

As a part of election tour, the visitors are taken to the rallies conducted by the candidates of rural areas, to the public rallies addressed by the regional candidates. If there would be any national leader visit, the tourist will be taken to meet and interact with them as well. The visitors would also be given a chance to interact with election candidates for a better understanding of their system of the campaign and election-related issues.

Concisely, the six-night – seven days election tourism package offered by a private tour operator includes a visit to public rallies, poll campaign, meeting party leaders and election commission officer. Along with witnessing election atmosphere and procedure in India, the tourists would also be given an opportunity to experience and explore heritage, tradition and culture of India.